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Castlewood Homes provides free consultation on lot/land selection. We will search for available lots and visit potential building sites to find the one most suitable for your new home.

We will build to suit from your personally designed plan, one of our many existing plans, or you can choose to customize a plan to give it that distinguished look. We consider all of our clients partners and we love to work closely with them on their house plans. We try to get a feel for each of our clients dreams and inspirations and then incorporate them into a plan that not only meets their budget, but is a reflection of their personality.

Castlewood Homes prides itself on detailed accurate estimates. We don’t just pick an allowance for you; instead we encourage you to make all your selections prior to the building process. In doing so, we are consistently within 1% of your building budget. We only bid to the most respected sub-contractors and vendors and they must bid against each other for every project, every time. The competitive bidding process reassures the Homeowner that they are getting the most competive pricing possible. Also, Castlewood Homes passes all vendor/subcontractor discounts onto the Homeowner. We consider our clients partners, there are no secrets, and no hidden charges. We show you where every penny is going prior to construction and track

every penny spent during the construction process. Using this method, our “cost-to-build” has consistently been 5-15% less than the competition.

Prior to the start of construction the Homeowner is given a detailed shopping schedule to finalize their selections and timetable for construction activities. During the construction process, the Homeowner is given regular updates on the building progress as well as photos of the progress. Each month during the construction process the Homeowner receives a detailed cost breakdown which tracks their budget to the penny. We also supply you with all the vendor’s/subcontractor’s invoices for your review.

After construction, you receive a one-year Builder’s Warranty that covers virtually everything in your new home. Many items, such as mechanical equipment, windows/doors and exterior coverings have extended manufacturer warranties for the years to come. All warranty issues are given top priority and handled promptly.

At Castlewood Homes, we work with steadfast determination to make your dream home a reality. Come tour a Castlewood home and experience the distinct features, quality and attention to detail.


Castlewood Homes is proud to be a member of the following organizations:

Brown County Home Builders Association      Wisconsin Builders Association      Wisconsin Energy Star Homes      National Association of Home Builders
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